The prosecutor in your criminal case may offer you a plea bargain. This is an agreement in which you agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a lighter sentence or to have some of the charges dismissed. Any plea bargain should be discussed at length with your Danbury criminal defense lawyer. It is important to understand your options during the plea negotiation process. In some cases, the prosecution might try to get a Danbury criminal defense lawyer and his client to accept a plea bargain in the early stages of a criminal case in order to secure the defendant’s early release from jail. However, making this decision is not always in the defendant’s best interest.

Initial Appearance

At your initial appearance before the court, you may have the option of pleading guilty if your alleged crime is less than a felony or serious misdemeanor. The judge usually has limited jurisdiction and cannot enter a guilty plea for anything more serious. Moreover, at this early stage both parties will have only begun their investigation into the case. It would probably be too hasty to plead guilty at this early stage, but make sure you discuss all your options with your Danbury criminal defense attorney.


Plea bargaining negotiations usually start at the arraignment. Prosecutors are often under pressure to get cases resolved quickly, especially small cases that don’t need to take up the prosecution’s time and resources.

Understand what you are in for when negotiating with the prosecution. A Danbury criminal defense lawyer on your side might be able to help. Call Walter Shalvoy at 203-426-4409.

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I had been arrested for driving while under suspension for DUI, which carries a mandatory minimum 30 days in jail. In spite of the objections from the prosecutor, Attorney Shalvoy was able to convince the Judge to waive the jail term and only imposed a fine.

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