Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Connecticut

In Connecticut, property owners must make sure that their properties are always safe. At Shalvoy Law LLC, we represent clients in Danbury who have been victims of slip and fall accidents. This type of injuries is common with personal injury claims in Connecticut. Many of these victims suffer serious and life-altering injuries that can result in death in the most severe cases. Whether potholes, unlit stairwells, wet floors or other site defects, they can all have life-changing results for someone and their family. A Newton slip and fall accident attorney can determine if someone is owed damages because of their accident and for the injuries they sustained because of it.

What types of slip and fall accidents occur most often in CT?

A Danbury slip and fall attorney from Shalvoy Law LLC can determine if a client is owed damages as a result of their injuries. Some of the most common slip and fall accidents include: slippery surfaces, parking ramp falls, falls down stairs, falls on ice or snow, bathtub falls or even sidewall falls. A property owner in CT has an obligation to keep their property safe to those they invite on their property. If we can prove that they were negligent and knew about unsafe or dangerous conditions then they can be held responsible for your injuries and any damages that ensued.

A slip and fall personal injury attorney in Danbury understands the statute of limitations associated with personal injury in the state. As an injury victim, you have two years to bring forth a lawsuit if injuries happened. At Shalvoy Law LLC, our slip and fall accident attorneys are always ready to determine negligence and to investigate whether there have been previous complaints about the property in question.

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In slip and fall lawsuits in Connecticut, it’s always important to hire highly-rated legal counsel as soon as possible after you sustain injuries. This allows a slip and fall accident attorney from Shalvoy Law LLC to begin the legal process, getting you the maximum compensation that you deserve as soon as possible. We have countless years of experience working with victims like you who have suffered personal injuries because of someone’s negligence in or around Danbury.

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