Sexual Assault Charges in Connecticut

Connecticut Sexual Assault Law

Sexual assault charges carry serious and devastating consequences. If you face charges, a Connecticut criminal lawyer will carefully review your case to help you determine the best way to proceed.

Types of Sexual Assault Charges

As your Connecticut criminal lawyer will discuss, sexual assault involves nonconsensual sexual behavior that one or more persons forces or manipulates another into. There is no requirement that the victim resisted, only that he/she did not consent. As your Connecticut criminal attorney will explain, sexual assault crimes fall into different categories based on the severity of the incident and the age/mental capacity of the alleged victim.

Penalties That May Be Imposed for a Conviction of Sexual Assault

As your Connecticut criminal lawyer will discuss, first degree sexual assault may be charged if sexual intercourse was forced upon another. It is enough if force was threatened. The charge can be aggravated if a weapon was used in commission of the assault. Second degree sexual assault, as your Connecticut criminal lawyer will explain, includes nonconsensual sexual intercourse in circumstances where the alleged victim is under thirteen, mentally incapacitated or when the alleged perpetrator is a parent or guardian. Third degree sexual assault charges may apply when the nonconsensual activity was “sexual contact” rather than intercourse. This could include touching of intimate parts, etc.

First degree sexual assault carries a mandatory year jail term. If the victim was under 18 years old, that sentence could be a minimum ten years. Understand those are mandatory minimum sentences. If aggravating factors are present, jail time could increase. Second and third degree charges will carry at least a one year minimum. Your lawyer will explain more.

If you face sexual assault charges, the consequences can be devastating. Contact an experienced Connecticut criminal lawyer to review the charges against you and discuss options for your defense. Call Shalvoy Law, LLC at 203-426-4409 to set up a consultation.