Divorce is an extremely difficult process and can be even harder on children. Parents undergoing a divorce must take special care to make sure that they are doing all that they can to make the transition as easy as possible for any children that may be involved. If you are having difficulty with your minor children or would like for them to have some additional help, contact your Danbury divorce attorney for additional resources.

During a divorce, many things change. One parent moves out the children will likely be forced to split their time between two separate homes. With so much changing, it is important to try to hang on to the things that can remain the same. If the children are involved in a sport or other after school activity, try to arrange a visitation schedule that would not interfere with their ability to participate. If they stay over at a friend’s house every Friday night, try to still let them go. You want to send the message that while some things have to change, it does not mean that they have to adapt to a totally new life.

It also helps if parents keep the needs of their children in the forefront of their minds. No matter how much you and the other parent may not get along, you should never argue in front of the children. You should also not blame the other parent for the divorce or talk badly about the other parent in front of the children. Such behaviors only lead children to believe that they have to pick a side in the divorce.

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