Burglary & Robbery Defense Attorney in Connecticut

A Connecticut Criminal Defense Attorney Explains the Difference Between Robbery and Burglary

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If you’ve been charged with a crime, a Connecticut criminal defense attorney can review your case and help you understand what happens next. To successfully convict, the prosecution must prove each element of the crimes charged. This article discusses the elements specific to robbery and burglary.


Robbery Charges Defense

Robbery is a serious offense that involves the use of force or threat to steal the property of another. As a Connecticut criminal defense attorney can explain, robbery would include things like mugging, purse snatching, etc. Aggravated robbery is a related, more serious charge that might apply if the perpetrator used a gun or other weapon in the commission of the crime. As your Connecticut criminal defense lawyer can explain, robbery charges are very serious and judges are less likely to release a robbery suspect on bail.

Burglary Charges Defense

As a Connecticut criminal defense attorney can discuss, burglary is the unlawful entry of a building or dwelling with the intent to commit a crime. Often, the intended crime is theft or larceny. Like robbery, the use of a gun or other weapon in the commission of a burglary can trigger the more serious charge of aggravated burglary. Also, as your Connecticut criminal defense lawyer can discuss, Connecticut also recognizes the charge of home invasion if there are people in the home at the time of the break in.

While a Connecticut criminal defense attorney cannot guarantee an acquittal or plea bargain for any criminal defendant, your lawyer can carefully review the case against you and recommend options. If any of the elements of the crime cannot be proven, then the case against you may fall apart. For example, if it turns out the perpetrator had permission to enter the building, then there’s no unlawful entry and no burglary. Your attorney can explain the elements more fully.

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