In Connecticut, like many other states, child custody laws are applied using the Uniform Child Custody Act. These laws set for the parameters that divorcing parents must follow when it comes to all aspects regarding their children, including visitation rights.

Divorcing parents are asked to develop a parenting plan which lays out the framework for which parent is responsible for taking care of certain aspects of their children. One parent may be granted primary custody, and the other will be granted visitation rights, among the many issues to be worked out. In some cases, an attorney may or may not be involved in drafting the initial plan.

However, when one parent’s visitation rights are denied, an attorney will be able to assist by stepping in and helping restore those rights.

How an Attorney Can Help with Visitation Rights Issues

If a parent’s visitation rights are denied on an infrequent basis, then it may be possible to make up visits per written orders, without an additional need for legal actions. However, if the visitations happen to the degree that a parent’s rights have been violated too often, then an attorney can contact the custodial parent with the threat of going to court to enforce the parenting plan that is in place. Often, this is enough to gain compliance.

However, that isn’t always the case. When visitation is consistently withheld, an attorney can petition the courts to ensure visitation rights are followed per the parenting plan. Doing so also serves notice to the courts that there may be a more serious and ongoing problem which could lead to a change in the parenting plan.

An attorney can also step in if there is concern over the well-being of the child that extends beyond visitation issues. This may come about due to negligence, criminal activity, abuse or other types of potentially dangerous situations and should be addressed immediately.

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