Drug Possession Defense in Connecticut

A Connecticut Criminal Attorney Discusses Penalties Imposed For Drug Possession Charges

Connecticut imposes stiff penalties for drug possession charges. A Connecticut criminal attorney can explain the different types of possession charges and the sentencing guidelines for each.

What’s Required for the Prosecution in Drug Possession Charges

What’s Required for the Prosecution in Drug Possession Charges

As with most states, Connecticut’s drug possession laws impose more or less severe penalties depending on the type and amount of drugs involved. If you face drug charges, a Connecticut criminal lawyer will carefully review your charges and the circumstances surrounding your arrest so you can better understand what you’re up against. There are different types of drug possession charges. At their most basic, possession charges include the knowing (intentional) possession or control of a drug (of which the possessor understands its character). As your Connecticut criminal lawyer will explain, the amount of the drug possessed will vastly change the severity of the charge. Prosecutors focus on the type and quantity of the drug. Simple possession is a less serious charge where possession with intent to sell is much worse.

Penalties Associated With Drug Possession Charges

If you face possession charges, your Connecticut criminal attorney will work to ensure you understand the potential penalties. If it’s your first offense, the penalties are less severe. Your Connecticut criminal lawyer can explain the various possession penalties. Some examples include:

  • Heroin, crack, cocaine = 7 years and/or $50,000;
  • Less than 4 ounces of pot = 1 year/$1,000;
  • More than 4 ounces of pot = 5 years/$2,000;
  • Sale of narcotics if drug dependent = 15 years/$50,000;
  • Sale of an ounce of heroin or more = mandatory 5 to 20 years.

Let your Connecticut criminal attorney explain strategies for building a defense and the specifics of what the prosecution must ultimately prove.

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