Civil Lawsuits – State and Federal Courts

An Experienced Danbury Attorney Can Explain How to Pursue a Civil Suit in State or Federal Court

Understanding what happens during a lawsuit can seem daunting. A Danbury civil litigation lawyer will explain what’s happening every step of the way so that you can make informed decisions as your case proceeds through the court system.

A Danbury Civil Litigation Lawyer Can Evaluate Whether a Lawsuit Is Necessary to Pursue Your Claim

Civil claims are those where you might seek compensation for injuries sustained in an accident, for breach of contract or any claim where the principle remedy is money damages. Contrast that with criminal cases where the state prosecutes an alleged perpetrator for violating the law. If you have a civil claim, a Danbury civil litigation attorney will analyze whether you have a legal claim against the person you feel harmed you and/or caused you monetary injury. If a settlement can’t be reached, your lawyer will discuss whether your case is strong enough to warrant filing a lawsuit.

A Danbury Civil Litigation Lawyer Will Explain Whether Your Case Belongs in State or Federal Court

If your Danbury civil litigation lawyer feels you should file suit to pursue your claim, he/she can discuss whether state or federal court might be appropriate. Federal cases may be filed if your claim involves a federal law (like a civil rights violation) or if the defendant lives in another state and the amount you’re suing for exceeds $75,000. If not, your Danbury civil litigation attorney might suggest you file in state court instead.

A Danbury Civil Litigation Attorney Explains How to File a Lawsuit

Whether you sue in state or federal court, your Danbury civil litigation lawyer will explain that the first step in your lawsuit is to prepare a complaint. The complaint details why you’re suing and puts the defendant on notice. Your lawyer will prepare the complaint and arrange to serve it on the defendant.

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