Without a doubt, when two people end up getting a divorce, the most emotional and complicated part of the entire process is determining who will retain custody of the children and how their needs will be met.

Child custody and child support issues go hand in hand, and as such are strictly monitored as part of the Connecticut Child Support Enforcement Program, which combines the monitoring of child support awards and initiates actions against parents who do not comply with orders that have been put in place. The state uses official Child Support Guidelines to determine how much a non-custodial parent will need to pay to support the parent who has primary custody of the child.

Although certain guidelines are in place, the work that a child support attorney does on behalf of a parent seeking to protect their family’s interests is still extremely critical to ensuring a stable home life during a time of turmoil.

Child Support Obligations are Based on Complicated Worksheets and Formulas

The state uses a worksheet with more than 40 pages of instructions and definitions to come up with allocations that each parent will be responsible for to provide for a child’s needs. Much of the amount each parent must be responsible for is based on income from each parent, including employment, investments, and benefits.

Certain things are excluded, such as income from Social Security and Medicare payments, court- ordered payments such as alimony or child support payments for other dependents, and other defined sources of income.

Aside from these calculations, an attorney can also make a case in front of a judge as to why payments should be more or should be less than the pre-defined amount. Also, when one parent or the other experiences a notable change in finances, such as with a large promotion or a job loss, or perhaps a new marriage, an attorney can assist a parent in going back to the court to seek a modification of payments.

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