A Connecticut Bus Accident Attorney

Bus drivers have added responsibility when they’re driving a bus. They also face more challenges than the average driver in Connecticut because of the size of the vehicle they’re driving. They also must have a special license to operate this type of motor vehicle. Their CDL proves that they can safely operate a bus and because most buses don’t have seatbelts, many safety issues can arise. If you or someone you know has been involved in a bus accident in or around Danbury, you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Whether injured in a private or public transit bus or you’ve been injured while driving the bus, a bus accident attorney from Shalvoy Law LLC can help. We have years of experience representing those that have been injured like you to get fair compensation for your injuries. We fight diligently to ensure that the best possible outcome for your case occurs.

Who’s responsible for bus accidents?

Negligence can occur in many ways when it comes to a bus accident. There are several parties that could contribute directly to a crash. They include:

Bus drivers: Drivers who are driving while distracted or are poorly trained or even under the influence can be responsible for accidents.

Other drivers: Negligent drivers that collide with the bus or force it to lose control can be held liable for damages and injuries sustained during the accident.

Bus companies: Connecticut bus companies can be held responsible if they do not perform proper vehicle maintenance regularly and comply with all regulations.

Our team of knowledgeable bus accident lawyers at Shalvoy Law LLC in Connecticut have the resources they need to investigate the cause of the accident. We will then work hard to gather evidence and testimony to make your case as strong as possible. A successful lawsuit will offer you the financial support that you need and deserve.

Hire a Bus Accident Lawyer ASAP

The statute of limitations associated with bus accidents can often be shorter as many bus companies are owned by the government. Therefore, hiring a bus accident attorney immediately after an accident is important. We know this deadline and can file your personal injury lawsuit before it expires with ease. This also allows us the time we need to gather evidence to make your case as strong as possible, increasing the chance you will win.

At Shalvoy Law LLC we can handle your case so you can focus on what’s most important, your recovery. A bus accident attorney from our Connecticut law firm serves clients in and around Newton and Danbury, Connecticut. We can provide you the legal representation that you need and deserve during this challenging time. To schedule a free consultation with a highly-rated attorney today, call our law office at 203-426-4409.