When You are Charged with Robbery

Robbery is often confused with other similar crimes, such as theft or burglary. However, there are a very specific set of elements that must be present for a robbery charge to be applied. Those elements are 1) that money, property or valuables were taken,...

Dealing With the Upheaval After a Divorce

A Danbury family law attorney will assist you in handling the chaotic nature of the aftermath of a divorce.Danbury family law attorney Your Danbury Family Law Lawyer Will Tell You How the Post-Divorce Situation Is Different When a couple divorces, the...

Protecting Your Children During a Divorce

Divorce is an extremely difficult process and can be even harder on children. Parents undergoing a divorce must take special care to make sure that they are doing all that they can to make the transition as easy as possible for any children that may be...

Shared Parenting Tips for Newly Divorced Couples

Shared custody arrangements have been increasing in popularity as more courts are aware that kids do best when they have equal access to both of their parents. Couples who are considering divorce may be able to negotiate shared custody arrangements with...

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I had been arrested for driving while under suspension for DUI, which carries a mandatory minimum 30 days in jail. In spite of the objections from the prosecutor, Attorney Shalvoy was able to convince the Judge to waive the jail term and only imposed a fine.

– A client