What to Look for in a Civil Litigation Attorney

A civil litigation attorney typically handles a wide variety of non-criminal legal actions that can range from representing someone in a divorce, including child custody, alimony and division of asset issues, to personal injury cases, wrongful death...

Reckless Driving Charges Can Be Very Subjective

In Connecticut, you can be charged with reckless driving based on several factors related to how you were driving. The only automatic factor when it comes to reckless driving is if you were driving 85 miles per hour or more. Regardless of any other factor,...

DWI Laws in Connecticut

All states have “driving while intoxicated” laws on the books. In Connecticut, those laws are called “operating under the influence” or OUI laws. In Connecticut, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle if you have an elevated blood alcohol contact of .08%...

Medical Malpractice Violates a Sacred Trust

Everyone needs medical treatment sooner or later in their lives. You may fall off a ladder and hurt your back. Or you could be in a car accident and require emergency medical treatment. You could also come down with a life-threatening condition such as...

Bike Accidents Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

One of the great outdoor recreational pleasures is hopping on a bike at a moment’s notice and riding for leisurely pleasure, or perhaps as an alternative way to get to work or run some local errands. Unfortunately, trading in the confines of a car for the...

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I had been arrested for driving while under suspension for DUI, which carries a mandatory minimum 30 days in jail. In spite of the objections from the prosecutor, Attorney Shalvoy was able to convince the Judge to waive the jail term and only imposed a fine.

– A client