danbury-criminal-defense-lawyer1-300x226In the paragraphs that follow, an experienced Danbury criminal defense lawyer explains how one lawyer may work for several witnesses at one time.

Multiple Witnesses

This is perfectly acceptable as long as certain conditions are met. A lawyer may represent more than one witness as long as:

  • The witnesses are not being investigated;
  • There are no major discrepancies in their testimony; and
  • The witnesses do not implicate any of the others.


It can be more cost-effective for a lawyer to represent several people, especially if the lawyers’ fees are being met by someone else. It also assists each witness to work with a lawyer who is familiar with the testimony of all of the others.

Prosecutor’s Responses

Benefits to the prosecution may be mixed. It may be helpful to work with only one attorney so that all of the witness testimony is settled prior to presentation to a jury or the government. On the other hand, counsel for the prosecution may be concerned that one attorney working with several people may unify them to present a single point of view.


Your Danbury criminal defense attorney must preserve client confidentiality with every witness he or she works with. While information obtained from several witnesses can be applied to others, your lawyer will not indicate which witness provided the information. This is not only forbidden by attorney-client privilege; it is a simple case of loyalty to the client.

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