In this blog, a skilled, experienced Danbury criminal defense lawyer discusses the procedures involved in a criminal investigation.

Investigation by the Police Takes Place While You Are Being Held

You and your Danbury criminal defense attorney must expect that, from the time you were taken into custody and continuing while you are being held, arresting officers will begin their search for information related to the incident.

What They Can Do

You may expect the police, while they can gain admittance to you, to lawfully:

  • Collect recordings of your voice, handwritten samples and your fingerprints;
  • Have you stand with others to be identified by a witness. This is referred to as a line-up;
  • Obtain necessary warrants to conduct searches; and
  • Subject you to questioning.

In order to take samples of your hair, saliva or blood to be submitted for genetic or chemical tests, police must obtain a warrant. They are, however, permitted to ask you to allow yourself to be tested for blood alcohol content by means of blood analysis or breathalyzer testing.

If You Don’t Comply

You may refuse questioning and searches, but you are required to submit to the other procedures listed above. If you do not, although you will probably not be coerced in any way, this can be introduced at your trial and used to your disadvantage. In other words, it looks like you’re guilty. If the judge has issued a command that you submit and you don’t, you face being held in contempt of court and jailed. In a DUI case, if you do not submit to breathalyzer or blood testing, your driver’s license may be suspended. Further, if you are convicted, your sentence may be more harsh.

Be Sure You Know Your Options

If you have been arrested, you can still find help. Contact Walter Shalvoy, your Danbury criminal defense lawyer at 203-426-4409 today.

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I had been arrested for driving while under suspension for DUI, which carries a mandatory minimum 30 days in jail. In spite of the objections from the prosecutor, Attorney Shalvoy was able to convince the Judge to waive the jail term and only imposed a fine.

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